Testing Desktop Applications

Keep your desktop application error free.

Some of the most common errors present in the desktop applications are, error while installing, lag upon resolution change, excessive memory usage, vague error messages. We have a clear understanding of possible issues present in a desktop application and test accordingly to uncover them.

Usability Testing

Users are an essential element in any application’s success. We learn your application’s domain and targeted audience then with acquired knowledge we commence testing to determine whether the application is user-friendly and working as it supposes to be.    

Functionality Testing

In functionality testing, we validate the end result by providing a different combination of input. Additionally, we check if the application functions as per the business requirement.

Compatibility Testing

It is necessary to validate your application on various PCs as well as OS. Our expert team can do smoke testing on multiple platform, OS and screen resolution.

Smoke and Regression Testing

  • Check whether the business-critical features are working as expected every time update is published to the website.
  • Once business-critical features are tested, the second task is to test all the existing features as a part of regression testing.