Testing Mobile Applications

With numerous cellular devices and OS, it is critical to test your application by experts.

With so many cellular devices & OS, mobile application testing can become complex and easy to get confused while testing. We at robustQA take at most care. Some of the basic yet critical testings we do are below.  

Functional Testing

In functional testing, we test the functionalities for your developed application such as user interaction, possible user transaction and overall function of mobile while application is under test.

Functional testing of your mobile application is required to ensure the quality, standard, user expectation, risk and customer satisfaction. Before we start testing we understand nature of application, targeted audience & distribution channel to presume user action. 

At the end of the testing a detailed report is generated with depicts test run result as well as suggestions. 

Performance Testing

Our objective behind performance testing is learn the state of a developed application under certain intense condition. For instance, application’s health under huge user interaction, removal of database and much more.

Security Testing

For an e-commerce application or any application that stores customers private information such as payment information needs to under go security testing. We do security testing to validate data encryption, validate networking protocols, validate basic session expiration and business functions for any vulnerability. Security testing is critical and requires an experts.

Usability Testing

It is important to have your application engaging. In usability testing we study the nature of an application and targeted customers and determine if the application under test is easy-to-use, intuitive, and similar to industry-accepted interfaces which are widely used, this gives our client’s application a competitive edge.

Compatibility Testing

With numerous android and iOS devices along with multiple OS, it is important that a developed application is tested on multiple phones and OS. We automate business-critical tests and run it on multiple devices on a cloud platform such as sauce lab.

Smoke and Regression Testing

  • Check whether the business-critical features are working as expected every time update is published to the website.
  • Once business-critical features are tested, the second task is to test all the existing features as a part of regression testing.